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Sandra Bryan Watters was born in Princeton, West Virginia. She gave her life to Christ at a very early age. She married her high school sweetheart, and they had their first child two years later. Then she began serving the Lord through church ministries. She now has three grown children, eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Sandra and her husband live in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and are active members at GraceLife Church of Pineville, North Carolina.

She has worshiped and served in various ministries there for over fifty years. Sandra loves working with children and taught in her church for many years when her own children were young. She dropped teaching for a while to serve in other ministries until one day about eight years ago, when there was a class of fifth graders without a teacher. She felt God nudging her to take that class, and she has been teaching fifth graders since then. Although the church bought packaged curriculum for teaching, she felt the students needed more focus on the scriptures. Thus, the idea of Scripture through drama was born.

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Traditional teaching materials for elementary grades-Bible stories, pictures, and fill-in-the-blanks-become boring for students as they reach the fifth grade in Sunday school. They are ready to start using their own reading skills and for an introduction to expressing themselves through performing arts-drama. These Bible stories are directly from Scripture, allowing children to learn Scripture while acting it out in simple, easy-to-make costumes.

They will be excited to use this new method of learning weekly and eager to arrive in your class each week to help set up the staging. With forty-two Old Testament and twenty-six New Testament stories presented in drama form, you'll have more than enough to choose from to make your lesson for each week come alive. And the students will never forget the stories, because they were a part of them.


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